Writing prompt: Age

Question: “Think of your real age…then think about how old you feel. Write about why the age you feel is older, younger, or the same as your real age.

I am 32, as I recently mentioned in a comment to a post on Adventures in Babywearing and on Twitter.

Do I feel 32?

If I saw it as “old” then yeah, sometimes I feel old. Especially having a newborn and getting so little sleep. I can tell that it’s harder on me at this age than it would have been if I had become a mom when I was in my 20’s. But if I had become a mom in my 20’s I would have been a much more neurotic and less capable mom. I am able to put things in perspective and take care of myself more at 32 than I was able to at 22. I know if my husband reads this he would disagree – I’m sure he can’t imagine me being more neurotic than I am now, but he also didn’t know me when I was 22. Probably a good thing, he probably wouldn’t have been attracted to me then!

Truthfully, I don’t see 32 as old. I don’t see 40 as old, or even 50 or 60. To me, old is only when your body starts limiting you, to the point where it starts affecting your mind. Which is unavoidable, of course. I do not know when it will happen – but it hasn’t happened yet.

I don’t feel younger than 32, because I have already been all the ages younger than 32 and I know how those felt – I don’t feel that way anymore. I have not yet been an age older than 32 so I couldn’t tell you how those would feel.

I guess I feel exactly how old I am.
Wherever you go, there you are.
And all that.

4 thoughts on “Writing prompt: Age

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I definatly feel older than 32. That is usually after working out beyond what my body is allowing and I wake up sore. Sometimes I feel younger, that is usually in the middle of said work out. Most of the time I feel too old for the clothes I would like to wear. MKMG

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