Almost too late #NaBloPoMo

We’re over halfway through #NaBloPoMo. Woo hoo! It’s 10:37pm and I have only skipped one day before this one almost passed me by. Did you notice I missed a day? Hopefully not. It’s posts like these that I dread when I commit to #NaBloPoMo. Posts that have no point, aren’t helpful to anyone, and ramble on and on leaving the reader thinking that 2 whole minutes of your life were just sucked away pointlessly. Causing me to want to apologize for writing anything at all. But we have to keep it up, don’t we? Because we said that we would. And so, I post pictures of my kids and husband doing yoga in the living room because this is not a Mommy blog but they are a lot cuter than anything else I could come up with right now.

Yoga in Living Room