All the Drama on the Internets Episode #2

Every so often I like to give you a bulleted list of some recent “green” stories in the news and why half of the people are excited to hear about the news or study and the other half are super offended by it for some reason. DRAMA ENSUES. Almost 100% of the time, I am somewhere in the middle. I just figured that some of you might want to know what’s out there and read for yourselves. Just in case you aren’t already immersed in social media 24/7 like I am…

All the Drama On The Internets

There are other things, but my head is going to explode soon, so I’ll stop there. The important thing is for us to be aware of what ways we are not protected by laws, and protect ourselves. Remember, you can’t go wrong making your own {fill in the blank} or buying handmade {fill in the blank} from someone using natural ingredients. Let’s lean that way, in order to keep our earth and our kids safe!
*climbs down off soapbox*