7 Quick Takes Friday #40

— 1 —

We are on the verge of potty training with Little Sir. We are going to try to start this weekend, hopefully with help from Daddy. If you are a praying person, PRAY FOR US. And/or send wine. Thank you.

— 2 —

I am sure everyone and their mother, literally, has heard about the Time Magazine cover story. I don’t mind the breastfeeding mother on the cover, although does remind me of my breastfeeding failures. I am not super enthusiastic about how the story appears to promote the mommy wars. I didn’t read the story but some bloggers have said it doesn’t actually claim anyone is right or anyone is wrong. I will have to take their word for that.

Mostly, I realize that Time did this whole thing to create controversy and sell magazines. I kind of refuse to care about the whole thing just on the basis that I don’t want that tactic to work on me.

— 3—

Another news story that is getting far less play in the feminist arena than it should is the instance of big companies targeting “brogrammers”, or male-only programmers, in the industry. Being a lightweight programmer myself, and female, I am really annoyed to hear about how Klout ran recruiting campaigns with the slogan “Want to bro down and crush some code? Klout is hiring.” I am seriously offended by the insinuation that there are no viable female programmers. Why aren’t we more upset about this?! Because there aren’t that many female programmers. Kind of makes me wish I was still programming. It also reinforces my dislike of Klout and how much, er…clout they have in the blogging and social media world, of which I am forced to be a part.

— 4 —

You guys should all watch Sherlock on PBS. It’s totally awesome.

— 5 —

My friend Stephanie from Good Girl Gone Green has the most amazing raw lemon pie recipe, I made it this week. Apparently the secret to raw vegan stuff made with nuts instead of flour is to soak the nuts first. I had no idea!

— 6 —

I have pulled up the peas in my garden and planted kale. Which is also dying. I am the most awesome gardener. To be fair, they traveled all the way from East Texas in a bag and then sat in a bucket of water for 24 hours before they were planted. STILL.

— 7 —

It is currently raining here and our chickens got caught in the rain. Can chickens catch a cold? They were too dumb to go back into their coop. Poor chickens, brains the size of peas.


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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday #40

  1. Rachael says:

    #1 Praying!
    #2 Couldn’t agree more.  Though I am not sure why everyone has to be so overly concerned with how everyone else chooses to raise their own children, (aside from any actual abuse) I do think Time is getting exactly what it wants.  Everyone who is posting the cover with their fierce pro or con is just giving Time free advertisement. Win-win for Time.
    #4 Saw a commercial for that and was curious if it was any good.  I will have to watch it now!
    #6 I can’t grow anything to save my life.  Except for some reason a very tall Basil plant.  I am now totally unsure what to do with it.  Do I eat it?  Won’t that kill it?  Then I will have killed the only thing I ever grew.  So, I just let it get taller and taller!

  2. Natalie says:

    Good luck with potty training. I read that article and it wasn’t controversial. It was really about the eldest Dr.Sears. The article didnt match the pic at all. Bizarre.

  3. conscientious says:

    Thank you so much for the prayers 🙂 Right now the boy is not super amenable to the potty but he seems cheerful and happy, at least!

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