7 Quick Takes Friday #14

— 1 —

I may have overestimated the amount of time I would have for part time work/blogging/sleeping now that Little Lady is almost 12 weeks. SO glad I don’t have to go back to work outside the home. But I can guarantee you that I’m working my tail off over here just keeping everyone clean and fed and changed. Also, I use the word “clean” rather loosely. As you probably realize if you saw this Tweet Wednesday night. 

— 2 —

I got so excited about 2 days ago when Little Lady slept from 9:18pm until 5ish in the morning. I told myself, “let’s not get excited, her brother didn’t sleep through the night until 10 months”, and I tried and tried not to think about it but it was so awesome to sleep without getting up!! The next night, I did everything exactly the same as I had the night before in case there was some magical nighttime schedule that could replicate the event. Unfortunately, it appears this was a fluke because no matter what I do, I can’t get it to happen again. I tried so hard not to pin my hopes on it, but I was still really let down when the cries for food came at 2am…

— 3—

Another strike against me as a “natural” parent – Little Lady HATES babywearing! I have all the very best slings and carriers: the Moby wrap (so versatile!), the Maya ring sling, the Baby Bjorn (which is great for when they are newborn and can’t hold their head up, but I wouldn’t recommend it past that stage since it can be hard on bigger babies’ hips), and my very favorite ever: the Ergo. No matter which one I put her in, or in what position, she screams her little head off. The minute I take her out and put her into her infant car seat carrier, she beams up at me with the biggest smiles. This little girl just loves her personal space!

— 4 —

Have you ever noticed that your plastic tupperware gets white bumps on it at a certain point in its life? I believe this is because the plastic is starting to degrade. Along with the degrading of the plastic is a breakdown of its chemical structure, which is when the leeching of chemicals from the plastic starts. When I see the bumps, I recycle the container so that stuff doesn’t get into our food. As my collection of Gladware and Ziploc plastic containers has broken down and dwindled, I have decided to start replacing them with glass. While this could be a bit foolhardy considering I have a toddler, I feel a lot better about the lack of chemicals in the glass versions. Right now I am using Innobaby Keepin Fresh glass for the baby-sized containers and Pyrex for the adult containers. I bought 6 Pyrex containers with rubber lids for $16 the other day on one of my bi-annual trips to Walmart, so it’s really not cost prohibitive so far.

— 5 —

I might have mentioned in my post about post pregnancy products that I’ve lost my baby weight fairly quickly. Some is due to genetics, but I realize more and more that a lot of it is due to lack of opportunity to eat! When I’m chasing a toddler all day and taking 2 kids in and out of stores and to activities, I really don’t have a chance to eat frequently. Unfortunately, when I am breastfeeding, I am regularly ravenous. I’d love to have more ideas for on-the-go healthy snacks that I can just pop into my purse. Right now I’m a little stuck on apples and Babybel cheese. What are some other snacks that take little prep work but can fill me up quickly? I’m open to ideas!

— 6 —

Are you following me on Twitter? I am doing some social media work for a company where I have to research environmentally-related articles and I’ll be tweeting those out every so often, so if you’re interested in those things, make sure you follow me! For example, did you see this article on how cell phones might be causing the decrease in the bee population of the last few years! Plus, I say interesting things about how my house is really dirty and whatnot.

— 7 —

I forgot how long 7 Quick Takes is! I have run out of things to say about myself (aren’t you glad?), but I will leave you with one piece of advice about the Aveda Institute Dallas, which is one of my most popular posts ever: they are now fully booked about 4 weeks in advance for Saturday appointments. I found this out when attempting to book a way-overdue haircut. So if you are here because you Googled “Aveda Institute Dallas” – be warned!


Well that’s all for this week, be sure to visit Conversion Diary for links to more 7 Quick Takes Fridays.

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday #14

  1. Vanessa Longman says:

    I’m moving away from storing any food in plastic containers and have also found the Pyrex variety to be wonderful.  They have a variety of shapes and sizes and if you look online (I’m sure you’ve thought of this already), you may even be able to find some tiny ones for the baby foods.  

  2. Mrs. Potts says:

    A friend of mine recently asked the “healthy, easy snacks” question on facebook and she got a bunch of great responses:
    – Clementine oranges
    – Bananas and apples with natural peanut butter
    – Veggies or whole-wheat pitas with hummus
    – Edamame
    – Popcorn
    – Craisins and almonds
    – Frozen grapes
    – Cherry tomatoes
    – Cottage cheese with pears or peaches

    Hope that helps! 

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