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6 stones in balance representing my 6 word memoir - what is yours? | ConscientiousConfusion.com

This year at BlogHer I had the privilege of attending a session called “What Type of Social Media Leader Are You?“. One of the panelists was Ananda Leeke, a yoga teacher and creativity coach. She encouraged all of us to put together a 6 word memoir to learn more about ourselves. I love this exercise for anyone, at any time, regardless of whether you blog or use social media. I wrote mine right there in the session and shared it on Twitter. Then I realized that I’d love to share this concept with all of my readers, because it is a great exercise in being conscious of our past, our present, and helps us move forward in our future.

Here is my 6 word memoir:







These words describe things that I have been in the past, things that I am now, and things that I aspire to be.

Some of them aren’t always good if they get out of balance. When I become too dependent on a person, for example, that can lead me to codependence, which is not healthy. But at the same time, the idea that every living thing in our world is dependent upon every other living thing is very important to me and guides a lot of my decision-making. That word leads me to being more conscientious and intentional in a very positive way, as long as I keep it within a healthy balance. Authenticity and ongoing enthusiasm are things that I hope and strive to be. Realistic is the positive way of saying I like to seek out and solve problems before they happen. When it’s out of balance, it can lead to paranoid and feeling overwhelmed. It’s all about the balance.

I’d love to hear your 6 word memoir. If you are participating in the deep breathing challenge from Lindsay Dahl along with myself, Lori from Groovy Green Livin, Leigh from Green4U, Jen from Jen and Joey Go Green, and others on Twitter and Facebook, this is a great exercise to meditate on or think about when you are taking your moments of intentional quiet. The hashtag is #breathedeep to share these and other reflections you have during intentional deep breathing.

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