Wii Fit

There was a request for my promised review of the Wii Fit. Of course, some of ya’ll have your own, and some of you have played with ours.

Overall, I really like it. There are a few things I would change if I could, but since I’m not any kind of hardcore user, I really don’t mind them.

On the plus side, I like the nice stretching exercises and the yoga, it makes yoga and stretching more challenging to try to keep your center of balance in a certain range while you’re doing it. So much harder! I also enjoy the games, although some of them are so hard for me that I really haven’t gotten anywhere with them. The board is extremely sensitive.

Speaking of how sensitive the board is…the crazy little narrator guy has no problem telling you “your balance is off center”, “you are unbalanced” and, to my pregnant friend Mel (there is no setting for “I am pregnant”) it said “You are obese!”. We are looking forward to the next time that Mel and Bob come over so we can shock the Wii Fit with all the weight she has lost in just a few weeks after having baby Sam 🙂

Would the Wii Fit really help you lose weight? I don’t think it would, because there isn’t much cardio, it’s mostly stretching. There is a jogging game but it depends upon you putting the WiiMote in your pocket while running in place, and I have already figured out that you can trick it by sitting on the couch shaking it up and down. However, since I am now in my 30’s, what I am supposed to be doing is getting more strength training than I did in my 20’s. So, I think it is nice to use in the mornings when I do West Coast shift and it is too hot to go outside and exercise.
I give it a thumbs up!