What’s New?

  • We have all but 2 of our Christmas gifts purchased. In the process, we have concluded that next year we will be moving to the system of “Jenny buys all the gifts”. Mutual approval/collaboration on every single gift is impractical.
  • I have put up some small Christmas decorations. No tree, just some garland and lights.
  • Working on addressing all the Christmas cards.
  • Have not figured out how to get cooking and grocery shopping in on top of all this yet.
  • At least the laundry is relatively caught up.
  • Kind of sad that I can’t use Rhapsody at work. Wondering if we can afford for me to actually purchase all the music I used to be able to stream for the low monthly fee. Definitely not.
  • It is something like 60 degrees in my office. There is never any heat in this office.
  • It has been 60 degrees outside here while the surrounding states are having ice storms.
  • We know a lot of hurting people right now. I hope that I can be in constant prayer for them.