To decorate or not?

I can’t decide if it is worth it to decorate our house for Christmas this year or not. Last weekend we were just so busy that we did not get a chance to get a tree. This weekend we have a window of 2-3 hours on Saturday that we are not committed to doing anything else, so we could try to get the tree then. Even assuming we are able to find time to procure the tree, and even more miraculously, to decorate it, I don’t know if there is a point. I mean, we will be out of town every weekend until after Christmas is over. We won’t be around to enjoy the decorations, really. So is it even worth it to put them up and take them down? I am not sure that it is. We haven’t bought Christmas presents yet. I am taking control of this Christmas present thing next year, because I am tired of having to wait until the week before and then spending all my lunch hours trying to get to the mall and back, or to specialty shops, or paying extra for superfast shipping. But we also have not created or ordered our Christmas cards and that is a problem too. Good times.