We finally have enough miles!!!

photo by greychr, Flickr

In addition to celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary, we also celebrate 2 years of saving airline miles so that we finally have enough miles for 2 free round-trip tickets to Japan!!

This has been quite a feat. I have had to buy groceries exclusively from one particular store for 2 years (because it gives us 250 airline miles for every accumulated $200 in purchases), and we have funneled all our purchases through our airline miles credit card, including one car and 2 new couches. We would participate in pretty much any promotion that would give us airline miles. But it worked! We have enough miles for both our tickets! We’ve also found a great tour we’d like to do. We are picking out dates right now and we might have the flight reserved by the end of this week. Exciting!

Will have pictures of the holidays posted, maybe later today.