We are here in Tokyo

It’s actually been more than 24 hours now since we landed, it is late Monday night here. I think it is early Monday in the U.S.
So far:

  • 13 hours on a plane – I am too old for this! Despite taking sleeping pills, I still could not really sleep. I watched: June (2nd time), some 30 Rock episodes (never seen before – good show), Becoming Jane, and Echanted (cute, but Oscar nominated? Really?? Why??!!!).
  • We got lost pretty much immediately upon leaving Tokyo Station. Ended up taking a cab.
  • The people here are so helpful! The cab driver worked so hard to get us to the ryokan (thank the Lord Christian can speak some Japanese), and then when he got us to the sister site, he and the ryokan lady helped figure out how to get to the right building. And pretty much no one here accepts tips, so they just do this to be nice.
  • The ryokan the first night was amazing! It was completely traditional with tatami mats, we wore yukatas and slept on futons in a room with rice paper walls. We got to use the traditional Japanese baths twice and it was so relaxing. In the morning, the lady brought us traditional Japanese breakfast with nori and rice, curried veggies, miso, green tea (always green tea, everywhere), and some pickled things I don’t know the names of. It was very filling and delicious!
  • It is only Day 2 and I am about done with Japanese curry. No more of that, thanks.
  • I now have a better understanding of women who struggle with weight/body issues. All the women here are tiny, have flawless skin, and dress way more stylish and sophisticated than anyone in Dallas, especially me. I feel huge, ugly, and frumpy just walking down the street. Good times.
  • Millie – I got you a pressed penny at the Tokyo Station Snoopy store.

OK gotta go, internet costs 100 yen/minute (about $1). Love ya’ll!

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  1. Pressed penny! Sweet. Thank you Jenny. And at the Snoopy store! I am so excited. I am glad everything is going well and you are enjoying yourself. I can’t wait to see photos.

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