From the Mac store in Tokyo

We are online from the Apple store here in Tokyo on Ginza, which is the expensive fashion area. Apparently after designers unveil their designs in Paris they come here next.  Of course we are up for seeing anything, but fashion did not interest us as much as when the guide told us there was a Mac store, and we went straight here.

We have now joined up with the tour group (we were on our own until yesterday evening). Our guide is really nice and this tour is going to be great! I have photos but I think they would frown on my trying to plug my camera into this MacBook Air. 
So, holler to our all-Mac community group! We took some pics for yall. (I can:t find the apostrophe on this Japanese keyboard…sorry!)

2 thoughts on “From the Mac store in Tokyo

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad you are having a great time. Have fun with the tour group. Life isn’t nearly as interesting with you out of the states. – Millie

  2. Jerome says:

    Just to let you know that your kitties are doing good!! Gabby likes to sit with Jer when he does the computer–he guess she does that with Christian. sometimes I’ll walk into the living room and zip, here goes a blur back into the bedroom! But overall they are doing great! Eating my peace lilly and aloe vera and ralfing.

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