Tag, you’re it!

Is anyone still reading?

If so, I have some contest sort of thingys.

First of all, I have been tagged in real life with a sort of chain letter thing where you send scratch-off lottery tickets to 6 people. My brain is too fried to think of 6 people who would not be annoyed by me sending them scratch-off tickets, so I am asking you, internets.

If you would like me to send you one of the tickets and the chain letter thingy, leave a comment and email me your address at jenny [at] conscientiousconfusion [dot] com. I honestly do not care if you keep up the chain or not. I am just lazy. You do need to be a Texas resident, I believe.

Secondly, Ritter Sport contacted me to review their chocolate. I know I said I don’t really do much PR, but THEY OFFERED TO SEND ME FREE CHOCOLATE. How could I say no to that? And it turns out they make it responsibly. I have learned some things about Free Trade Certification which I will share with you. And I will be giving away chocolate. So keep checking in!