BumGenius Organic take too long to dry: my solution

People have asked me how cloth diapering is going. My answer is: great! I am using BumGenius One-Size All-In-Ones, a combination of the Organic AIO‘s and the pocket 3.0‘s.

To me it’s just as easy as disposables, and I feel much better about it. They go on just like a disposable, and then instead of tossing them in the trash, I toss them in lidded trash can with a washable diaper pail liner and when I have gone through about half my stash of diapers, I toss the diapers along with the washable liner. When they come out of the wash, I drape them over a drying rack in the house if it isn’t sunny, but if it is, I hang them out on my clothesline. All they need is about 10 minutes of direct sun to bleach out any stains (no stain remover required in the wash cycle).

One difference I have noticed between the Organic AIO and the pocket 3.0’s: the BumGenius Organic don’t dry very fast. If drying inside, they could take up to 24 full hours to dry. This is because the “liner” is attached to the diaper’s body at the top and the bottom, and at the areas where it is attached there is a lot of fabric, which takes a while to dry. However, I have solved this problem!

Here is what the Organic AIO looks like the way it comes originally:
And here is what I did to make it dry faster:

I just took a sewing stitch ripper and removed the seam that attached the thickest part of the liner to the diaper’s body. This is no trouble to the functionality of the diaper – it lies so closely to the baby’s bum that it isn’t going to slide around. And it has really improved the drying time of the organic AIO’s!

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3 thoughts on “BumGenius Organic take too long to dry: my solution

  1. Jannea & Aaron says:

    Whoa! I always wish that the sewn in ridge across the back wasn’t there. You have given me the go ahead to fix it! I always felt that I shouldn’t tamper with this expensive diaper but hey, why not if I can make it better!? Thank you so much! I cannot wait to try this!

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