Question: SAHM online time

Wow, you other bloggers are hardcore, posting all through Christmas Eve, Christmas, and there you are STILL POSTING while my family and I are taking our vacation from work this week.

As I get the opportunity to provide at least 1/2 of the care for Little Sir 24/7 this week (Christian providing the other half-we work together), rather than handing him off to a nanny 9 hours a day, I can’t help but wonder how all the stay-at-home-moms I follow on blogs and Twitter manage to get in so much online time while caring for one or more kiddos. How do you do that?

It seems like I spend most of my time trying to amuse him, changing him, feeding him, etc, and you are sorely mistaken if you think he’s going to allow me to even pay attention to my iPhone for more than 5 minutes without having a freak-out. He has also refused to take his second nap for 4 out of the last 5 days he’s been home with us. He has no trouble napping for the nanny on regular days, but not for us!

So how do other moms without nannies manage to tweet and post all day long? Do your kids not have some kind of insane jealousy issues when it comes to iPhone or computer? Do they just play well all by themselves? Should I be drugging my child or something?

As I consider the future and whether or not I might be staying home with my kid(s) one day, this is something I really wonder about. Will someone clue me in? Thanks!!