My thoughts on 1 year

Little Sir’s 1 year birthday is coming up at the end of October! Sometimes that seems far away, but I realize that if I need to go ahead and send out invites, it really isn’t that far!

I have seen a lot of people blog nostalgically about their babies turning a year older. I understand that, because he is such a big boy already, it’s amazing! However, I have to admit that I don’t really feel all that nostalgic about it. I don’t really mourn the passing of his infancy. The truth is, he’s a lot more fun the older he gets. Sure, infants are easy to handle because they can’t really move. And they don’t cry very loudly. But they also don’t respond that much. They can’t smile for several months and they can’t laugh until much later, and there are none of the funny facial expressions and hand gestures. I actually enjoy each new phase of development because I feel like we get to know Little Sir better and better.

So, I am looking forward to the walking and the real talking and all kinds of fun things that are coming up!

Some things I have been contemplating regarding the party…

  • I know where we’re going to have it, outside at a nearby park. It should be decently cool by the end of October. My wise friend Laura, who has 3 kids, taught me that having birthday parties in public parks=no cleanup. We are planning on grilling hotdogs and the kids can play on the nearby playground.
  • I don’t have a theme at all right now. Do I even need one? How about “keeping this as green and cheap as possible”? Does that count as a theme?
  • Looking at things like compostable/biodegradeable plates and utensils. 
  • I don’t think we’re going to be able to get that “green” with the picnic table cloths. The tables we need to cover are super, super long. Probably going to have to stick with the thin plastic ones, since I don’t have time to scour thrift stores these days.
  • I will bring my own Richardson recycling bag for drink cans.
  • I am really torn when it comes to making my own cupcakes vs. ordering them from Whole Foods. I am reluctant to put that much pressure on myself to make beautiful cupcakes, but I know buying them from Whole Foods would be expensive. I’m leary of buying them anywhere else because I don’t want them to contain PHO’s or corn syrup.

 Those are my thoughts for now… thanks for reading even when it gets boring!

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on 1 year

  1. donnale says:

    boy, I am so on the same page with you–I always loved the progress you kids made–getting to know who you really were (that is also the challenge!) and your being able to express what’s bugging you instead of my playing 20 guesses! And, cheap is always a good theme!! woohoo

  2. mel sutton says:

    what about using a roll of craft paper for covering the tables? super cheap ($2/roll @ walmart) and you can toss or recycle it when it’s used up! also, you can leave out crayons/markers/chalk for the kids to color on it. just a “green” thought 🙂

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