7 Quick Takes Friday #9

— 1 —

I am posting this mostly because my last post was so whiny and I hate having a whiny post up as my most recent work.

— 2 —

I started a post about some books I recently read but I didn’t like them that much and that seemed whiny to me too. Still looking for book recommendations!

— 3—

I thought it was getting cooler here and I was very excited but then it was all yucky and humid all last night so my plan to sleep with the windows open backfired on me.

— 4 —

We have been doing the numbers and it looks like I will have to return to work after this baby is born. I am bummed about this but I realize that this blog is not the place to discuss that, and probably no one cares anyway.

— 5 —

If you don’t live in Dallas you might not be aware of the overwhelming majority of SAHM’s here. I am anticipating feeling like a huge freak for another 1.5 years as a full-time working mom. Good times.

— 6 —

Oh yeah, if you don’t read the family blog, I am pregnant again. I was all ready to go shopping for skinny clothes but nope, back to maternity stuff…

— 7 —

We will definitely be investigating more effective forms of non-hormonal birth control after March. The hormones from the Pill made me crazy, which is why I didn’t go back to the Pill after Little Sir was born.

I wanted to do the Fertility Awareness Method again, which I loved, but you have to get consistently more than 3 hours sleep at a time for that to work and, well, that just wasn’t happening, so I was never able to pick up FAM charting after Little Sir was born…before I went and got knocked up again.

So, we’ll just be trying something different after this one…


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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday #9

  1. lisa m says:

    Freak?? Aside from the Square 1 gals, most of my mommy friends work full time. I don’t think you’re in the minority. Esp. as of late.

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