My Garden: soil and seeds!

I mentioned in 7 Quick Takes Friday that we filled the garden bed with soil from Texas Pure Products soil mix this week.

Helping mommy plant (eating dirt)!
The cute baby in the picture is showing me the stick she was chewing on. YUM.

I used the last of my cash grocery money on Saturday to buy 4 packets of organic Seeds Of Change seeds, which I planted exactly like told me to. This included building some kind of weird 4 legged thingy around which I planted peas.

First seeds planted!
The peas are supposed to climb this thing?! Eh?

The final step in this planting was supposed to be to water enough that at least 1-2 inches of the soil are soaked. As you may not know, we are under water restriction in our area. We still have not built or acquired a rain barrel (I KNOW, right?). There was rain in the forecast when I completed this planting.

Rain, baby, rain!! It’s my garden’s only hope!

P.S. I had no idea gardening was so back-breaking. I am in so much pain in muscles that I had forgotten I had!┬áDon’t forget, there are essential oils for sore muscles!