My fave kids natural cold remedies

So many of my mom friends have Tweeted and posted Facebook updates about sick kids lately! We had our share of it for sure, fortunately before Christmas. There are few things sadder than a snotty, sad baby.

I’ve been recommending a few of my favorite kids’ natural cold prevention and healing remedies to friends and thought I’d share them here as well.

Elderberry syrup – there are lots of forms of elderberry, a friend gave me a syrup made with local honey and dried elderberries (which you can buy loose at a food market). There’s a video online and a post you can Pin on making your own elderberry syrup. It’s tastes really good so my toddler loves it. For the baby, since she cannot have honey yet, I bought some straight elderberry syrup online (affiliate link). Elderberry can work as a preventative and a cough treatment. I give it to the kids in the morning if I heard them cough overnight. You can give 1 tsp/hour if needed, but usually by the second teaspoon they’re better!

Wish Garden’s Kids Kick-It Immunity drops – I get this at our local health food store, but you can also get it at Sprouts or order it online (affiliate link). One of the main ingredients is elderflower as well, but it also contains echinacea and other dried herbs. The toddler gets two droppers and the baby gets half a dropper. I have put it into the toddler’s sippy cup before when he refuses to take it. I give this to them during cold/flu season before they go to Mother’s Day Out or hang out with a lot of other kids, to boost their immunity. I also think that it significantly reduced the amount of time they were sick last time.

Kid’s Cold Care tea – I make this tea, refrigerate it to make it cold, and put it into the toddler’s sippy cup. Theoretically, I could also put it into the baby’s sippy but she doesn’t drink anything but water at the moment. I usually give this only to treat a cold that is starting, not as a preventative. My toddler also likes this, he calls it “juice”. I also buy this locally, it is at most health food stores such as Whole Paycheck and also Sprouts. I have seen it online in huge quantities (affiliate link) as well.

Other bloggers’ remedies:

Any that I have missed that you love?