In between day

My birthday was good! We didn’t do too much, the big party is on Saturday. Last night we just had Community Group as usual, but Christian surprised me by bringing an ice cream cake for everyone to share. It was yummy! I will probably eat the last piece of it tonight 🙂

This is a weird in-between day while I wait for Valentine’s Day and whatever Christian and I will do for that holiday. I am a little freaked out because both the gifts I wanted to get him were unavailable in stores. Most things he likes are pretty much impossible to find, they have to be specialty ordered months in advance, and I didn’t do that.

I am hoping to finally get the shelves for the hallway photo gallery today, and as soon as I have them installed I will take pictures and post them on Flickr. You probably thought I forgot but I haven’t. I will finish this picture gallery someday!!!