I’m sort of back

Well I am feeling much better now. I guess we will never know what made me so sick so randomly. I got a lot of sleep so that was nice.
Here are some random notes to pass the time:

  • Yesterday I made fried okra for the first time, it was my mother-in-law’s recipe and I really liked it. I think that I will do it again sometime.
  • I never realized that so many people on staff at our church have blogs. I am following a blog of one of the families who is in the process of adopting a child from China and one of our Equipping Pastor whose 4 year old son was just diagnosed with leukemia.
  • Carter Blood Care keeps calling me to donate blood, its like they are stalking me. What’s frustrating is that I can’t because I am on all these medications.
  • I still hate the mail order pharmacy company with a passion. Why are they so evil? Once again it took 4 weeks of calling back and forth between them and my doctor to get my stomach medicine prescription filled.
  • I have got all the supplies and am currently gathering the scraps I need to start my vermicomposting, exactly as Martha Stewart describes.
  • I am hungry right now but I can’t think of anything I want to eat.
  • Lately it’s been harder for me to disguise my loathing for my job.
  • We looked at yet another rental house this weekend that turned out to be in terrible shape inside. I am starting to think we might never find anything within our price range that is in a decent area and not falling apart.
  • In a related complaint, I just had to touch more nasty cigarette butts, throwing them out of our backyard, thanks to our upstairs neighbors.

That’s all for today. Don’t you feel better about your own life now? 😉

One thought on “I’m sort of back

  1. Elizabeth Wickland says:

    YAY for vermicomposting!!! I was just telling another friend about it today and I thought about you and wondered if you were doing it. Then lo and behold there was a post from the great SNG! Let me know how the vermicomposting works. I’m jealous. I want to do it too. (but, well… I do have a regular old compost bin outside that works just fine.)

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