I won!

Today was our annual CEO Team Awards at work and since I do not work in teams (I am an individual contributor), this is always a really boring event for me, spending 3 hours watching other people accept awards. They do try to make it fun, and one of the things they do is give away prizes. I was so surprised when they called my name and I won a digital camera!

Apparently it is a very, very basic model. The reviews it gets aren’t that great. But, I am excited because all I wanted was to be able to figure out how to take pictures. Christian’s fancy SLR camera is so complex that I can’t use it and it shoots in RAW format which means I have to convert each photo to .jpg to post it on the web or send it to someone. So I am hoping this one will be great to use for simple things.

I think I’ll get to pick it up some time this week – I just got the little “you won!” slip of paper at the time. So I’ll post pictures as soon as I can! We will be seeing family in San Antonio this weekend so surely I’ll have something to take pictures of!

Cigarette Count: Number of cigarettes my upstairs neighbors threw into my back yard today, which I had to pick up and throw away: 0 so far (maybe they quit?)