I planted some things

I had a good number of strawberries in my strawberry plant this year, even though they are pretty small:
I think they are finished growing now, although I am still going to keep feeding them organic fertilizer just in case.

I haven’t planted herbs yet this year and can’t decide if I should…the summer heat usually kills them off after about a month. They can’t handle 100 degrees+, but they need full sun. Keeping them inside is out of the question since the cats immediately eat any plant inside the house and promptly vomit.

However, this Memorial Day weekend I did plant more Asiatic Jasmine in the backyard. You might recall that we began this effort in the back yard last year. The Jasmine plants that were planted last year lasted the winter and put out tons of tendrils attempting to fill in, which is exactly what we wanted. We just needed more density and there were still few large areas unplanted. Hopefully what I planted on Monday has helped to fill in those gaps. I have some organic fertilizer to spray on them to help them out. One day we will have a back yard that is greener than just a mud pit!!