Happy Thanksgiving with turkey bentos & food art

We have been enjoying celebrating thankfulness and turkeys over the last few weeks!

Here is a short list of things I’m thankful for and then some turkey-related food art.

1. My husband, Christian! We have been going to ReEngage for the past 16 weeks or so and it’s been really great. He is such a great dad and good at his job. I am particularly thankful that he gets my weird sense of humor, since very few people do in real life.

2. Sleep. I am so thankful that this is the first Thanksgiving in 4 years that I have slept through the night. AMAZING.

3. The kids, of course. No matter how crazy they drive me, they are amazing little, funny, happy people who make me laugh every day.

4. Our extended families. They don’t live near enough to babysit or anything, but we still manage to see them about every 6-8 weeks and we always have a great time. I’m excited to be spending the day with my in-laws.

Since I’m blogging remotely today, I don’t have control over where the pictures appear. Below will be a series of two bentos that I made for my kids preschool/Mother’s Day Out and then a veggie appetizer tray I created for Thanksgiving today as my contribution to the meal.