Apparently, I don’t clean

Cleaning Lady (Day 11)
This is how I clean. Obviously.
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Has your family got the upper respiratory thing that’s going around? Well, both my kids were sick for less than a day thanks to Thieves Oil, apple cider vinegar, and elderberry syrup, but by the time I got it we were traveling for Thanksgiving and I was not nearby any of my trusty homeopathic and essential oil preventative treatments. I got clobbered!

Not only that, my house is a wreck. In case you have not heard the sad news, my beloved EcoMaids closed their doors a few weeks ago. When my friend told me about it, I was all “Hey, I will try cleaning my own house! I can do it! I used to do it all the time!”.
Yeah…before I had two kids, I did! 
What actually happened was: I went 4 weeks without cleaning my house. You would not believe the state of the floors. I started just kind of kicking the chunks out of the way. I know, right?! It’s not that I didn’t WANT to clean. I really did. Mentally. But physically, there is only so much of me. It turns out that vacuuming and mopping my floors is right below painting my fingernails on my list of priorities.

I finally gave up and hired one of the former EcoMaids. She is wonderful, and I love her. Now I have to actually decide on a good floor cleaning product — it had been so long since anyone had mopped my floor without EcoMaids patented products that I had an old product that ended up smelling waaaay too strong for me. If a product smells that strongly, it can’t be “green”, right? When I actually do clean my floors between EcoMaids visits, I use a water-only steam mop, so I don’t have to use products at all.

How about you? Are you able to clean your own house or am I alone in my incompetence in this area?

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