Aprons: solution to the tiny holes in shirt issue

I still get a lot of blog traffic on my post from March about the mysterious tiny holes in all my shirts. Believe me, I am still suffering the results of that mysterious epidemic — now that the cold weather is/was here (and then it left and the last 2 days have been 80 degrees…TEXAS IN NOVEMBER), I am particularly feeling the loss of at least 10 of my long sleeved shirts. I am having to replace the shirts slowly in a process which involves shopping for clothing, which I hate.

In the end, after much debate, I concluded that the culprit was: our sharply beveled granite counter tops cutting into my shirts as I leaned over the sink and counter to wash dishes and prepare food.

I do think that I’ve stopped the bleeding now by taking the following steps to prevent the holes going forward:

1. Ghetto solution: duct tape on the edge of the sink. I did not take a picture of this because, seriously, it looked pretty tacky. My husband put duct tape on the edge of the granite counter top where I tend to lean when I’m washing dishes. This solution was in place for about 7 months until last month when corner of the counter finally cut through the tape. Which kind of proves the theory because if the sharpness of the counter tops can cut through duct tape in 7 months, it was certainly cutting through my shirts.

2. Apron solution: I pulled out an apron I got for free for donating blood and started using it every time I was in the kitchen. I had to get into the habit, so I hung it on a cabinet pull where it obstructs my access to the counters unless I put it on.

Result: a growing apron collection.

Now I have become kind of fascinated by aprons and I think I’m going to start trying to collect vintage and handmade aprons. My first apron was just a free apron I had lying around the house, which looks like this:

My first actual purchase was from FlirtyAprons.com* using a Groupon. Some seriously cute aprons here! I finally chose this one and I am loving my choice.

After that, my mom sent me this festive winter apron.

So, there are only 3 so far but my BFF, who is an excellent seamstress and sewing artist, is making me another for Christmas which I am sure is going to be amazing. I am also considering making my own, despite my dread of sewing ruffles. What would be ideal is if I could find vintage aprons at thrift shops locally.

How about you, readers — do you have aprons in your kitchen, and if so, where did you get them? Any tips on acquiring vintage aprons?

* NOTE: I bought the Flirty Apron with my own money using a Groupon, I was not paid to promote their site and I doubt they even know that I exist.

SIDE NOTE: Apologies for the crappiness of the pictures. I actually had my iPhone on a tripod and my 3 year old “took” these pictures. I attempted to wear vintage June Cleaver-y shoes but the heels sank into the dirt. Awesome.

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