Everyone else is doing it: BlogHer 2012 schedule

I'll be tweeting at #BlogHer12

All of the bloggers that I stalk my other blogger friends are posting their schedules for BlogHer 2012, detailing what sessions and parties they’ll be attending. So I guess if I want to be cool, I should do it too.

I’m working as a volunteer for BlogHer again this year, this time as Mic Wrangler. That means I get to run around the sessions with a microphone to anyone who has a question or comment for the presenter, so that everyone in the room can hear them and we can make sure to get their question or comment recorded on the podcast for later. So some of the sessions I have no choice about, because I’veĀ  been assigned to “work” that session.

I thought I was all cool to be getting into NYC as early as noon on Thursday, more than 17 hours before the conference starts, but it actually turns out that with all the pre-conference parties, that is actually LATE. I’ll miss more than one party by not being there on Wednesday. I put my foot down!! I am not getting there 2 days early, people! Unless someone else is paying for it…

Anyhoo, here it is, as it stands now:

12 noon – Get in to LaGuardia with Real Posh Mom
4pm – BlogHer Volunteer meeting
5pm – Stonyfield/Healthy Child event
7pm – screening of the movie Toxic Baby (can’t wait!)

8am – Breakfast
9am – I might skip speed dating and go to the Expo Hall, because honestly I will have met so many awesome bloggers by then and have so many parties still to go that I am going to get overwhelmed by an additional onslaught. I believe in quality over quantity, but that is a rant for another time.
10:30am – Sin Fronteras – Advocacy Blogging Across Issues and Borders (Mic Wrangling)
11:45am – Lunch Keynote featuring Martha Stewart! Also, sitting with #clothdiapers bloggers – if you’re interested, follow #ClothBlogHers12 on Twitter for our meetup location (organized by @MommaWords)
1:15pm – ROYO: Celebrate Your Small Blog
2:45pm – Not sure if I’m attending this one or if I am going to step out and take a class at SLT NYC, which is a certified Lagree studio teaching the same Megaformer Pilates that I teach here in Dallas
4:45pm – Voices of the Year Community Keynote – MY FAVORITE PART!! I turned down a party with free locally produced wine for this one, people.
7pm – Babeland party (I know you want to hear about this one!)
7:30/8 – Hasbro party
9pm – Sparklecorn! I have never been, but I am excited. Going to try to borrow a tiara for this one.

8:30 or 9: Breakfast
9:30am: Pro Tips: Branding and Blogging Professionally – so excited about this one, which will be presented by my friends Jill from BabyRabies and Gina, The Feminist Breeder!!
11am: When It’s Time To Spend Money To Market Your Work (Mic Wrangling)
12:15pm: Lunch Keynote, featuring Katie Couric!!
2-3pm: note sure if I’ll be attending this session or possibly taking an SLT NYC class if I didn’t on Friday
3:15pm: possibly How to Price and Value Your Services? Not sure.
5:15pm: Closing Keynote (Mic Wrangling)
6pm: BlogHer Come As You Are party
10pm: CheeseburgHer?

As you can see, my Saturday has some gaps so if you know of anything going on or want to hang out, let me know!