DFW Blogger meetup: Village Tea Company

Last Thursday (I know, I know…) Village Tea Company was gracious enough to host a DFW Blogger meetup in conjunction with BlogHer. I was excited to see some bloggers I already know (Bobbi Janay, Chirky, Eddie, Bianca), meet Mommy Is Rock N Roll (who I had never met in person before) and find some new bloggers who I can now stalk follow.

Village Tea Company sells premium teas to stores such as Whole Foods nationwide, and has only one retail store so far here in Dallas, at Preston and Forest. Fun fact: they explained that the majority of their tea is organically grown, but they can’t always label it as such since some of the flavorings added to the different mixes can’t be “verified” organic.

I have been drinking a lot of tea for the last year since coffee is pretty much off the menu during pregnancy and breastfeeding. These folks are serious about their tea!!

We met Martin “the tea guru” (standing and talking in this picture) and Bryce (who is a girl in the foreground and has her own blog, The Luxury Spot).

Martin gave us a quick tutorial on “good tea” (I drink “crap tea” most of the time, I admit it. But that’s just how “mother’s milk” tea is made…), and gave us as many samples of whatever we wanted as we could hold!

I also LOVED the look and feel of the place – both modern and comfortable at the same time.

For all the moms out there, they also have a charming kids’ area, and host “story time” for free on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3PM-5PM.

Bryce gave us a tip on reusing empty tea tins such as the ones used for Village Tea leaves – use them to store jewelry and other small items when you are traveling! Keeping necklaces in empty tea tins keeps them from tangling in your clothing and makes them easy to locate!

And now for a blogroll of new bloggers I met, check them out!
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