Coming Attractions: blog redesign update & guest posts!

I am currently 37.5 weeks pregnant with Baby #2! If we choose to go ahead with some suggestions from our midwife, we might be having this baby in the next 2 weeks…

I wanted to give all my faithful readers some hope that this blog won’t be neglected while I’m out on maternity leave.

First of all, I’ve mentioned that my husband is currently working on the layout for the redesign of this blog, so far it looks like we’ll be able to stick with Disqus and Blogger platforms, so that’s a relief. As far as the “look” goes, I wanted to give you a quick look at the inspiration for it: Dave Rizzo Studios.

I encountered Dave Rizzo’s sculptures at The Cottonwood Art Festival early last fall.

I love these statues

The minute I saw the sculptures I thought “this is what I want for my blog!”, but I dismissed it because it was sculpture and I thought, I can never afford that! But the images just wouldn’t leave me… and finally I went to the Cottonwood web site and clicked on every single sculptor’s web site until I found Dave Rizzo Studios and sent them an email asking if they would be open to letting me use the sculptures as a basis for my redesign. I was so excited when they said yes!!

So, it’s been quite a while that we’ve been working on this in our “spare time”, but I think it is getting closer. I still don’t have a hard launch date but hopefully before the next Cottonwood Art Festival, which is May 7 and 8! Be there! And check out Dave Rizzo Studios while you’re waiting.

Secondly, I have some exciting plans for the first few weeks after I’ve had Baby #2. I know I might not be up to producing new content, so I emailed some bloggers I’ve been privileged to meet in the last few years and whom I really admire, and asked them if they would be interested in re-posting some of their fabulous content here on Conscientious Confusion as guest posts while I am out. I was so excited about the response I got, and the posts they’ve submitted are amazing.

It’s going to be so great, you might not even want me back!! Just please don’t leave me, OK?
I can’t wait to introduce you to each of them!