Cloth diaper: cloth wipes

Now that we have two under the age of 2, I am even more thankful that we are cloth diapering! I can’t imagine how many diapers we’d be going through otherwise or how much it would cost.

I wanted to do a series of posts on my current process but it turns out that it was way too long. I am breaking it into 3 parts.

  1. My stash (what diapers I use)
  2. Washing diapers
  3. Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes

We also use cloth wipes and I love them! I actually hate using disposable wipes because they are so flimsy, especially when dealing with poo. I feel like I always get poo on my hands with disposable wipes.

I have a combination of various kinds but so far my favorite is GroVia cloth wipes. They are basically like your bath wash cloth, only slightly smaller. That’s why it’s so nice to use them on poo – think about how thick and plush a bath wash cloth is. It’s nice to use that on particularly yucky poo.

I have a wipes warmer plugged in next to the changing table in which I keep the wipes. The wipes are moistened with the following solution:

4 cups water
8 drops tea tree oil
4 drops pure aloe vera lotion
a few squirts (2-3 tsp.?) Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap

When I’ve used the wipes I throw them into the pail with the diapers. They get washed with the diapers and dried with the microfiber inserts. It’s really easy and I feel like their little bums get so much cleaner than with disposable wipes. I do use disposable wipes in our diaper bags for when we are out.