7 Quick Takes Friday #16

— 1 —

This morning’s Quick Takes might be sans pictures because I’ll probably write most of it from my iPhone. We have a chiro appointment and then a “real” doctor appointment for Little Lady. Something is wrong with her, she’s started going on long crying jags where she cries so hard that she vomits and chokes. It’s horrible! It doesn’t seem to help her at all if I hold her or nurse her. She stiffens her whole body up and arches her back.

* Update * Doctor says it’s reflux. Good times.

— 2 —

I finally decided to forego the weird (i.e., blue or purple) haircolor at my hair appointment tomorrow. I saw someone with blue peekaboo highlights like I had wanted, but the color had faded. It looks really bad faded. I know I wouldn’t be able to maintain it, so I am just going to skip the punk colors. Which is sad, because by the time I can afford to maintain it and I have the time, I will be too old for the cool hairs. Although I realize that some might say I’m too old now, at 33… they are probably right!

However, I just bought this Groupon for feather hair extensions. I will be sporting the super fly feather hair extensions at BlogHer 2011!!

— 3—

It is so hot here already! How will I take the kids to the park if it’s 100 degrees by 10:00 am?

— 4 —

Anyone else obsessed with frozen yogurt and ice cream?!

— 5 —

And yes, I did make these Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. I had to give half of them away to friends to keep from eating too much! They were amazing.

— 6 —

After eating those cookies, I also went by Sonic this week. I feel like I need to detox or something. That and the heat combined makes me feel totally gross!

— 7 —

Hey! I just realized I’m over at She Is Dallas today writing about Elevation Burger in Dallas. They have a lot of great articles going on over there right now, so head on over!


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One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday #16

  1. Heather Schmidt says:

    Oh, no, on the reflux!!!!  We went down that path with both boys- I don’t know what is wrong with our kids.  With August, it was super dramatic and he ended up taking a lot of medicine that made me nervous.  They both eventually outgrew it, but it was HELL.  And expensive.  I am definitely here for moral support if you need it!

    (That may also explain part of why LL hates babywearing so much, too?  Pressure on the tummy? Just a thought.)

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