Charming Charlie’s DFW Blogger meetup

Last night the folks at Charming Charlie’s were kind enough to invite our DFW Blogger/BlogHer group out to their store for a special shopping and mingling event. I always enjoy seeing other DFW bloggers, and missed those who couldn’t make it! Those who were there and I talked to, as I recall, were Burb Moms, Vanessa from Crazy Says What, Marjorie from My Inner French Girl, Bobbi from When Did I Go From Kid to Grown Up?, and of course, Jes from Chirky, our fearless organizer! I might be forgetting someone….let me know if I did!

Charming Charlie’s is actually a rather large accessories and apparel store located at Preston and Park in Plano (they have other locations in other cities as well). I usually get kind of intimidated by accessories but theirs are arranged by color and theme, so I just wanted to hang out in the green section all day! They even have some really cute clothes, which I really wanted to buy, but then had to remind myself that I am a weird shape right now, and I have no idea what my shape will be post-baby. I hope I can remember to go back and check out the dresses after the baby!

I have not worn a watch in over 10 years but I found this one that looks like a bracelet and I really like it!
I also got a lovely necklace that I am hoping will brighten up a few very plain maternity tee shirts when I want to wear them to work or something:

So, it was great to see everyone, and I hope you all have a great time at BlogHer 2009 this weekend! I wish I was attending this year, but will be waiting to hear you all blog about it!! I will be there next year!!

4 thoughts on “Charming Charlie’s DFW Blogger meetup

  1. Marjorie says:

    Oh, J, you should change that line to “boob shot,” just for the SEO possibilities. 😉

    Love the watch and necklace!!! I was just thinking that green is totally your color.

    Great to see everyone, too! Can you believe how fast the time went? And I didn’t even have any wine.

    aka My Inner French Girl

  2. Vanessa says:

    I love the Charming Charlies party. I found some fantastic pieces myself. It was great to see you again. I hope I’m on some sort of list to be included in the next Sip-n-Swap and Charming Charlies and any other party you’d like to throw.

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