UPDATED: Now it’s Illinois?

Well, we found a Honda Fit in Illinois rather than Idaho, which has a cheaper (direct) flight and is closer and would take us straight through Kansas City on the way home. 

We have put a bid on it, the auction ends early tomorrow (Monday) morning. So, we will just wait and see if we win. If not, I guess it won’t work out. But if we do…we will be on our way! 
Remember, if you know anyone interested in purchasing a 1980 Mercedes 240D converted to run on straight veggie oil, biodiesel, or any mix of those, let us know!!

You vote: should we do it??

This is a wild idea that we have which we haven’t even fully talked about yet, but here it is!!

We found this amazing 2007 Honda Fit Sport on eBay which could replace our Mercedes. It is located in Idaho Falls, ID.

We are sort of tossing around the idea of buying it and flying up there on Southwest Airlines and then doing a road trip back in the new vehicle. It’s about 24 hours of driving, according to Google Maps, and we might go a little out of our way to stay with a few friends overnight (like Kansas City, to see Millie and Danny). We hear from Liz that the scenery in that part of the country is really beautiful so it might be a scenic trip! I think we’d try to do this in a single weekend so I wouldn’t have to take any time off work.

What do you think, are we crazy to even consider it??

New Helmet: Like an orange on a toothpick

Although I ordered it 2 weeks ago, there was a problem with the wrong item being shipped, and today I finally received my new scooter helmet! Check it out!!
I immediately took a picture with my iPhone and emailed it. My sweet husband sent a text message, wondering if it might be the right size?, while my best friend emailed to-the-point “You look like an alien”
Despite the disproportionally large size of my head now, I am very excited because now I will no longer be hit in the eye with bugs and debris, and the sun shade will really help with the squinting. Not to mention my head is now fully protected.

As soon as I got excited I got bummed again, because it turns out I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, meaning I can’t drive the scooter to work 🙁 Well, see you on Friday, new helmet!

Updates on work

So, the last few weeks I’ve been trying out the West Coast shift at work, which is 11 AM – 8 PM. I like it because I get to do things like grocery shopping and errands that I would previously have done in the evening after work, very early in the morning instead. I get to avoid all the traffic and crowds, which is great. Also, I tend to work out more in the mornings because I am not so rushed. But, unfortunately we are hiring some more people (which is actually a good thing – it’s getting a little crazy-busy here), and they will be taking that shift back. I’ll be back to 9 AM – 6 PM. 🙁 Too bad, I will miss that!

But, because we are hiring more people (one of them will probably be our friend Bob), we don’t have the space for everyone, so more people will be moved to working from home. I get to be one of those! Christian and I have been working on setting up the spare room to be more conducive to a home office. This weekend we went to Ikea and got 2 desks for around $60 each. Yesterday we got a wonderful filing cabinet that looks like a bureau. So things are moving along and I will take some pictures when it is all set up.

Last weekend I did paint the bedroom, but since I do not have curtains or a new bedspread yet, I have not taken pictures. I think it really needs some good grey-and-moss-green curtains and a bedspread yet. If anyone sees one, let me know!!

What’s New?

  • We have all but 2 of our Christmas gifts purchased. In the process, we have concluded that next year we will be moving to the system of “Jenny buys all the gifts”. Mutual approval/collaboration on every single gift is impractical.
  • I have put up some small Christmas decorations. No tree, just some garland and lights.
  • Working on addressing all the Christmas cards.
  • Have not figured out how to get cooking and grocery shopping in on top of all this yet.
  • At least the laundry is relatively caught up.
  • Kind of sad that I can’t use Rhapsody at work. Wondering if we can afford for me to actually purchase all the music I used to be able to stream for the low monthly fee. Definitely not.
  • It is something like 60 degrees in my office. There is never any heat in this office.
  • It has been 60 degrees outside here while the surrounding states are having ice storms.
  • We know a lot of hurting people right now. I hope that I can be in constant prayer for them.