You vote: should we do it??

This is a wild idea that we have which we haven’t even fully talked about yet, but here it is!!

We found this amazing 2007 Honda Fit Sport on eBay which could replace our Mercedes. It is located in Idaho Falls, ID.

We are sort of tossing around the idea of buying it and flying up there on Southwest Airlines and then doing a road trip back in the new vehicle. It’s about 24 hours of driving, according to Google Maps, and we might go a little out of our way to stay with a few friends overnight (like Kansas City, to see Millie and Danny). We hear from Liz that the scenery in that part of the country is really beautiful so it might be a scenic trip! I think we’d try to do this in a single weekend so I wouldn’t have to take any time off work.

What do you think, are we crazy to even consider it??

3 thoughts on “You vote: should we do it??

  1. melsutton says:

    not crazy…that sounds like so much fun! we drove through idaho on our move back to texas from oregon, and there really is some great scenery between there and here. i say go for it!

  2. chirky says:

    i think it sounds fun, but you may want to consider taking a day off of work so you can ENJOY the drive home, instead of speeding through, driving through the night, desperately trying to get home in time.

    Or maybe i’m just a big fan of long road trips. 🙂

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