Bentos: Daddy-made & Valentine’s

Last week I was feeling sick, so Christian volunteered to make Little Sir’s bento for Mother’s Day Out. He did a great job (better than I do sometimes!):

Daddy's Bento

To see all the details in the notes, be sure to click on the picture and you can hover over each item. The roll is a roll of sticky rice (Little Sir LOVES sticky rice!) wrapped in nori (LOVES nori!). Sort of like a sushi roll without the sushi! You can’t see very well, but under the star shaped cheese is a fruit strip with a heart cutout, and under the fruit strip is pineapple chunks. He also gets a cookie with Daddy. Mommy never includes cookies!

I made the bento again this week, and tried to incorporate a Valentine’s theme since they’ll be having their Valentine’s party today. It doesn’t have as much food as usual since their party will include lots of food.

Valentine Bento

It includes raisins, mangoes, heart-shaped cornbread, pickles, and freeze-dried peas. For some reason, both kids are currently obsessed with freeze-dried peas! Too bad they are so expensive. But I’m glad they’re eating peas nevertheless!