Baby pictures!

This weekend, we went to see my family, just for dinner, and got to hang out with my niece!
All that time she did all these cute things, and we only got 2 good pictures.
That’s because I was taking pictures and I am not very good at it.
She has a new trick: she will put both her arms straight up in the air like “yay!”. So, we started doing it too, every time she did it. We started this in the van, she was in the middle seat and Christian, my brother and I were in the back seat.
She would look and us and raise both her arms, and then all three of us would raise our arms in the air and say “yay!”. She thought this was pretty funny. She started doing it randomly. We would be talking and have to stop and raise our hands in the air and say “yay!”. It was pretty hilarious. We were laughing so much.

I have also posted pictures of Amelia’s second birthday. I can’t believe she’s two! And one picture of her new little brother, Max, in the photostream on Flickr as well.