An imaginary conversation

Sometimes when I don’t write for a while I feel guilty. I think, my readers have forgotten about me already, I am a boring blogger, but I have good reasons and no one ever gives me the opportunity to explain myself! It’s really all about the invisible audience in my head that I don’t actually even have. Then I realized that it’s my freakin’ blog and I can write out the answers to the questions that, truthfully, no one has even bothered to ask.

Why haven’t you been blogging much lately?
I am going to blame this on the baby who never lets me sleep. His cuteness can suck me in and takes me away from other things a lot. I will also admit that I do not have my life balance re-adjusted sufficiently since the birth of my child to be able to incorporate as much blogging as I might like.

I thought you said this wasn’t going to be a mommy blog!
I know, you are right, I said that. And honestly, don’t think that I have turned this blog into a constant stream of pictures of Little Sir and what he is doing, so that should count for something. I have posted reviews of child-related books and I have whined a lot about mom-related things. But I have kept most of updates about the baby on our Family Blog.

OK fine so this is not technically a mommy blog, but what IS it now?
Who knows? All I can say is that when I want to write about my own personal opinions or feelings, the family blog is not the place to do it. So this blog is where they end up. I really do still feel that this fits in with my tagline “Confused about what I should be doing, but inspired to do the right thing, for the right reasons.” and the outline of how I’ve defined what this blog is about.

What are you planning on writing about that would convince me not to just delete you from my reader?!

  • I am trying to finish a book that I really like right now and should be writing a review some time in the next few weeks. It is not about kids or babies! It is a real book.
  • I bought a Swiffer WetJet and am currently attempting to figure out how to “green it up” because I feel like the cleaning solution that comes with it is so freaking strong that it made me nauseated and gave me a headache, not to mention that those little disposable pads are wasteful. I am hoping to work on sewing a microfiber cloth alternative.
  • I have hired a green housecleaning company to do a 3-room cleaning through the wonders of Groupon discounts and will be reviewing what I think of them in the beginning of March.
  • What would YOU like me to write about?

Seriously – does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to hear!

One thought on “An imaginary conversation

  1. donnale says:

    yup, life derails a lot of things one would want to do! it’s a constant yielding to what the Lord leads one into and it is hard to give up “our” goals, so don’t feel bad when you can’t write as often as you’d planned to! Focus on the important. And tell the conversations in your head to take a hike (I try to do that from time to time and they don’t listen to me!)

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