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One of my kind commenters suggested this writing exercise I believe he and his friend might have invented. I like the way they did it because it isn’t as long and involved and intimidating as some of the other prompts I’ve seen (“your favorite childhood memory”, “things you would like to see happen”…ack! instant writer’s block!)

I don’t know if they have a name for it, but I would call it “A Year Ago” if I were naming it:

One year ago, Christian and I were not even on the same page regarding whether to have children.
One year ago, I don’t know that even I was fully convinced, even though later I was the first to change my mind.
One year ago, I had never met any other DFW area bloggers.
One year ago, I think I was still going into the office to work every day AHAHAHAHA.
One year ago, I was just discovering the joys of really good designer jeans.
One year ago, I started to care about a U.S. Presidential election for the first time in my life.
One year ago, a “friend” from my church called me a Marxist and a Socialist for something I casually said very conservatively and neutrally.
One year ago, I became more guarded on Facebook and started un-Friending people.
One year ago, I was still driving the electric scooter to work, although we were contemplating buying the “real” scooter.
One year ago I finally gave up Arbonne and switched to products from my dermatologist to fix my face.
One year ago I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and started charting with FAM.
One year ago other than that…. is kind of a blur for me.

I really have the most horrible memory. I am just making a huge effort to keep posting even if it’s boring. Feel free to do your own “One Year Ago” and post a link to it!

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