Eco-shower pics on Flickr/Family blog

For those of you who are following the eco-friendly part of this blog but might not be so interested in the baby stuff, I have a post on the family blog about my eco-friendly shower this weekend. It’s up to you whether you care to visit. My friends did an amazing job!! I am so blessed. Here is an exerpt from one thing that struck me about this shower in particular:

The theme, as mentioned before, was eco-friendly. I was so excited that as I opened gifts I didn’t amass the dreaded “mountain of tissue paper” that I remember having at my wedding showers. Everyone wrapped things in reusable bags, baby blankets, and boxes that I can use to store items in the nursery.

So, take a look at the blog post or the Flickr pictures if you’re interested. Also, per the invite in my previous post – everyone used the half of the invite provided for encouraging notes that served as gift tags. Now I have a whole booklet of encouraging notes!

And if you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been hanging out with my friend Millie this weekend, who flew in from Kansas City for my shower. We got to do a lot of fun things on my 2 hours “up” in between my 2 hours “down”. She was also awesome enough to do some cooking and cleaning for me when I was down. I am so thankful! We also had time for some good food at some of my favorite spots.

She is also so artist – she created these unique onesies for the baby:

This one is Christian’s favorite:

Those are motion lines from a speeding unicorn…yes, that is what they are…

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