7 Quick Takes Friday #12

— 1 —

Did you know that it is National De-Lurking Day again? I feel like the last one was just yesterday! This means that if you follow a blog (um, like mine?) and read it all the time but NEVER COMMENT, today is the day to comment, even if just to say “hey, I’m here… lurking”. So, what are you waiting for? Leave me a comment!

— 2 —

I am getting sick of our cats. I am ready to get rid of both of them. All they do is puke (had to wash our comforter at a laundramat late last night due to cat puke) and pee on things (we have lost 3 bathroom rugs and now have to keep the doors to all bathrooms closed permanently), and whine all day about how they are hungry and want food. THEY EAT 3 TIMES A DAY AND ARE OBESE. There is no way either of them are hungry.

One of them enjoys waiting until my (anti-sleeping) son is asleep and then sitting outside his door and crying for no reason (or for food, I don’t know). When her crying at 2AM does not wake him up, it wakes ME up, when otherwise I should have been able to sleep through the night.

The other one sneaks into his room and camps out under his crib where I can’t reach her, and keeps him awake. She did this to him last night and he was up until 10PM. This morning he was a holy terror due to his late night.

Another great trick they have developed is purposefully tripping me. Which is particularly awesome since I am huge and pregnant and cannot move fast enough to get out of their way.

I would love to see them go to a good home. One is 7 years old and considered a “senior” cat – she is decidedly obese. The other is only 5 and is in much better shape. But, I don’t think Christian is ready to get rid of either of them.

— 3—

I am writing this on Friday morning instead of the night before, like a good blogger would.

— 4 —

When I asked Twitter for suggestions on how to optimize my blog, Texan Mama suggested that I participate in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. I signed up earlier this week and I’ve been trying to keep up. I am doing only “ok”. One of the assignments was to create a “list post” – a blog post containing a list. I am drawing a complete blank for that one. I was thinking maybe “My favorite iPhone apps”, but isn’t that overdone? While you are de-lurking yourself, how about leaving a comment with a suggestion for a list I could make?

— 5 —

Does anyone know where I can find organic cotton tube socks – either locally or online? I am having the worst time finding them anywhere. We will use tube socks full of rice as warmers for our newborn, like we did with Little Sir. They also work great for mama’s aches and pains. You just pop the socks filled with rice into the microwave and they stay warm for quite a while, long enough for the little one to fall asleep. And they have a dual function as positioners to keep the baby from rolling over.

I only have 2 socks left over from Little Sir and I need 2 more. I don’t want to buy socks from Target which are made of cotton coated with chemicals that are going to be released when the socks are heated, because these things will be right next to my newborn baby! We just cannot find any organic 100% cotton tube socks. They have to be tall in order to tie a knot in the top part and still have most of the sock available for rice. All the organic socks I can find are too short, not truly “tube” socks. Seen any lately?

— 6 —

The food situation over here is getting increasingly sketchy. I feel pretty good that I made an actual meal 3 times this week so far. The other days have been largely pre-prepared vegetarian meals like frozen falafel, heat-up Indian food packets, and Morningstar “riblets” with baked organic frozen fries. I am running out of energy fast over here.

— 7 —

The redesign of this blog is underway! My husband is doing a great job serving as a kind of graphic designer. We were going to hire a friend, but Christian decided to take a look at it himself, and I really think what he’s come up with looks great! Right now the design hasn’t been converted to CSS yet, so it’s still a little way off, but I am so glad we have a direction – very exciting!


Well that’s all for this week, be sure to visit Conversion Diary for links to more 7 Quick Takes Fridays.