My favorite iPhone apps

I’ve been in love with my iPhone since I first got one a few years back. It’s true that I don’t have a iPhone 4, just a 3GS, and I have dropped it a few times. It has a lovely crack that is starting to spread. But as soon as I’m eligible for an upgrade, I’ll get one. I love the apps!

I see people who have just gotten an iPhone asking about the best apps to download on Facebook all the time. So, I thought that I’d make a list of my favorite iPhone apps. I am finding new ones every day!

  • Shazaam – you can hold your phone up whenever you hear music and it will tell you the song and artist, and you can buy it on iTunes
  • Pandora – I’ve found lots of great new music using this app which builds radio stations based on your suggestions
  • Grocery Gadget – probably my most-used paid app. It organizes your grocery items by category and allows you to build lists and different stores. The feature I loved most was that you can put it on more than one iPhone and the lists are automatically synced. This means that my husband can see the most recent needed items if he is at the store. The feature does, however, require the other person to UPDATE THEIR APP, which hasn’t really happened for us…
  • Flashlight – I have a free flashlight app that I use every morning when I get up to shower while everyone else is still in bed! It’s just a plain white screen that doesn’t shut off. Brilliant!
  • Facebook, Words with Friends, HootSuite for Twitter – duh! I think everyone involved in social media probably has these…
  • BlogPress – I recently bought this app which allows me to compose full blog posts on the iPhone, edit/revise existing posts, and even save drafts for posting later. It also links up to my Flickr stream so I can insert photos. So far I love it!
  • Baby-related apps: Baby Brain, which tracks pee/poo, breast/bottle, and sleeping. We LOVED this app when Little Sir was an infant, and our nanny still uses it to send us a log of what he’s been doing all day. Baby Time Contractions – an app that helps track contractions in labor process. We loved that it can send them in an email to our midwife, who can take a look at the spacing and severity. I can’t find a link to it anymore, it’s possible the developer isn’t supporting it anymore.

That’s all I can think of right now. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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