Writing prompt: The biggest question

So I signed up for these writing prompts “The One-Minute Writer” in the hopes that getting these every day would make me want to write something more often. And today’s did.

Question: “What is the biggest question in your life that you’d like to have answered?”


I could write a lot on this one. I realize no one cares, but this my blog so you have to listen to me!!

He is 4 months old. He just had a checkup today and everything is fine. When he wakes up, he cries but he does not want to eat. He does not want attention and he does not want to be held. We pick him up and try to comfort him and he just gets MORE MAD. He does this for 15-45 minutes every time and then just goes back to sleep. At first I was worried but now it is just getting annoying.

We really did try the Cry It Out but he can out-cry our tolerance. We tried co-sleeping so that we would be near him and he wouldn’t cry, but he doesn’t care if we are there or not. He just cried VERY LOUDLY IN OUR EARS for 30 minutes. Every 1-2 hours.

Everyone always told me that the first 3 months would be the hardest but honestly they were easy. He woke up at night but I didn’t have to work 10 hour shifts then, and I was prepared for the waking up. He still napped during the day so I just took naps when he did. We got to cuddle a lot and it was sweet and fun. By the 10th week he was sleeping 5 hours in the first stretch and then 3 hours after that, so I got almost 8 full hours of sleep every night, it was great!

But then about one month ago, when he is old enough that he isn’t supposed to be waking up anymore, he has quit napping during the day and starting this waking thing now that I have to work 10 hour shifts again.

Regardless of how you might think I am blogging about my child, this is about me, people. I never get any sleep. I have trouble communicating. I am letting it seep into my blog.

Go ahead, list things I should try.

I will bet you $10 we have tried it already.

3 thoughts on “Writing prompt: The biggest question

  1. Olga Michelle says:

    Jenny, what about solid foods? Is he eating cereal yet? I know Hudson was extremely agitated for a while right before we decided to give him cereal and that seemed to calm him down. Good luck and I am sorry you are having a heard time.


  2. TRS says:

    Oh my – i can’t believe that I briefly forgot about you. Quick, you go into my follow list now!!!

    Congrats on the baby – and thanks for the one minute writer link… I know someone who will LOVE that!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today!!

  3. Christina says:

    I don’t remember if you tried or now, but music worked well for Natali. We played music when we first put her down at night and then if she woke up during the night it worked usually also. Hope it gets better soon!!!

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