We discover: Ridgewood-Belcher Park water

Today after our walk around White Rock in the morning we biked/scootered up to the Ridgewood-Belcher Recreation Center to see what goes on there. I have driven past it every day on the way to and from work either in the car or on the scooter since we moved here. It always has signs about classes you can take. Once before, I went up in the morning and saw a great playground in the back and wanted to show Christian.

We got up there today and it turns out there is also a little water park there! Christian was already wearing swimming trunks so we ran through the water for a while. We didn’t have a camera but I went by later this evening and got a picture from farther away of kids still playing in the water.

Apparently this water feature is open from May 1 – September 30 from 10 AM till dusk. So we only have 30 more days to utilize this amazing discovery! We were thinking, wouldn’t this be a fun place for Natali to play sometime?! It would also be a great place to have a kids’ birthday party, which some folks were doing.

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