We are some truly exciting people

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but that is because I really can’t think of anything that would be interesting to anyone but me.

We did get the MacBook! It is all set up. I can play Sims 2. I did our finances on Quicken. It is dual-booting using Apple BootCamp, which is free. I set it up myself with only minimal help from Christian! So we run Quicken and Sims 2 in Windows and everything else in Mac OS X. I have to say that the Mac OS is about 1,000 times better than Windows. Nothing can beat that F9 button that makes everything show at once.

The MacBook is so fast and cool that the old desktop computer is now dead to me. Dead. I am hoping we can format it and sell it on Craigslist sometime soon so I can get the desk space back.

We are going to see Millie and Danny in Kansas City in about a week, so that should be exciting. Geniant has offices there, but Christian won’t be working or anything – it’s just a vacation. We make jokes about us moving there one day. The cost of living is just so insanely low compared to here.

We got to see Natali last week and that was awesome! Although the MacBook is hooked up to the place Christian keeps our pictures, he hasn’t downloaded those pictures from the camera yet so I don’t have them to post. As soon as I get them I will!