The MacBook is on it’s way!

We have ordered the MacBook 2.16 Ghz (white, of course – I don’t understand why we’d pay more for it to be in a different color?!) on Amazon because right now they have a $100 rebate!!! We didn’t pay for the special superfast shipping so it might be a while until we get it. This has given us time (OK, has given Christian time – I have no idea what is going on) to move files from the old PC to the external hard drive. Apparently the AirPort Extreme and our external hard drive did not get along happily as friends but have spent the last few days ignoring each other, which means no files can be moved. I have drawn a picture to illustrate what the battle between the 2 peripherals looked like. I call it “The AirPort and Hard Drive Case Grudge Match”:

The AirPort Extreme won this match, because it turned out that the hard drive case was defective and we had to buy a new one.