We are homeowners, and I might go insane

We closed on our first house and got the keys yesterday! Then, later that night, we showed our current rental house to a nice lady who is interested in renting it. This is great news because if she rents it as of December 1, it will keep us from having to pay a month of double fees. It is also scary news because that means I will need to pack and move the entire house in 10 days or less. While we are packing we will also be coordinating all the remodeling that is going to happen in the new place before we move it. Paint colors, buying a dog door, buying garage doors, buying insulation, picking out carpet, picking out some new fixtures, babyproofing everything… Then I will also have to clean both houses from top to bottom.

Did I mention that neither of my kids sleep through the night yet?
And I work around 8 hours a week part time, which takes up all the times that they are sleeping and some times that they aren’t.
Oh, and also it is still NaBloPoMo for the rest of the month.
HOLYCRAP. What was I thinking?!

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