Books: can’t live without ’em, can’t keep moving them

wall size bookcase full of books

The picture above is one of our full-wall bookcases. As you can see, it’s full of books except for a few shelves we had to clear because they’re within reach of the kids. There is also an Ikea Expedit in the “office” that is half full of books, and the top of a bureau in the kitchen full of cookbooks.

You can imagine how fun it is to pack up all these books and move them. You can only put a certain number of books in each box before it gets too heavy to lift, so it creates tons of boxes just to move our books.

I have tried getting rid of books – only one shelf on this bookcase is actually my personal books. The rest are either Christian’s from before our marriage (meaning they are off-limits to get rid of), or ours from during our marriage.

As much as I hate moving them, I am reluctant to re-buy the ones I love on Kindle. How am I going to lend them out to my kids when they’re in high school if they’re all on Kindle? Who knows how long Kindle will be the format, anyway? Plus, that is really expensive.

So I guess it’s back to packing 100ish boxes of books. Sorry, movers!

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