Update on tummy

Thank you to those of you who have asked and were praying about my stomache medication issues. I went to the doctor today and he confirmed that what we’ve been treating me for is typical acid reflux. Which is funny because for the 10 years I went to doctors before this doctor, general MD’s kept telling me that I had ulcers, when the endoscopy this doctor did showed that I have never had an ulcer in my life.

We are going to try Nexium (which the insurance pays for…yes, their nefarious plan to make people buy the medication offered by the company that pays them the most money is working) and see how it goes. It is possible the Zegerid has helped heal to the point where more typical meds can be used. Another advantage of Nexium is that it is considered a Class B pregnancy medication which means I could continue to take it if we ever decide to have children. The Zegerid was Class C, which means it was more risky to take during pregnancy, and not recommended. Now just because I said that, nobody go getting any crazy ideas!