Unconventional reuses for wire hangers

When we got married, my husband and I agreed that we hate wire hangers. Now that I am all crunchy and whatnot, I am sure that wire hangers are probably the most “green” choice, but I still hate them because they put weird dents on the clothes. Also, they look tacky. Which are very shallow reasons, but there you have it.

So we got rid of ALL our wire hangers and replaced them with wooden hangers. We bought huge packs of wood hangers from IKEA and from Bed, Bath & Beyond with coupons.

Occasionally, wire hangers would come back into our lives via consignment sale purchases and I would promptly donate them to Goodwill.

This week I realized that I probably shouldn’t have given all those wire hangers away.

First came the Pinterest project. Being our first year to decorate our house for Christmas, I figured that we probably needed a wreath. I was horrified to find that wreaths cost something like $70 at Hobby Lobby? What?!! So, of course I went to Pinterest and found that you can make a wreath out of Christmas ball ornaments and…a wire hanger. I dug around in the garage and actually found one that escaped Goodwill. The result:

Pinterest Christmas ornament wreath

Not too bad!

And then…

I managed to outdo myself in the “weird” department today by flushing and entire cloth diaper down the toilet. You may have seen this tweet.

The kids were napping, so my husband was all set to leave work and buy a toilet snake (whatever that is? we are definitely the least handy homeowners EVER) and/or call a plumber when Facebook and Twitter suggested that I try a wire clothes hanger.

Guess what?

Yes, that is the previously flushed cloth diaper, a wire clothes hanger, and a needlenose pliers.

And there you have my eco-friendly reuse ideas for wire coat hangers: wreaths and fishing things out of toilets. Let me also pass along a little advice: do not throw out ALL your wire clothes hangers, no matter how ugly or annoying they are!

*NOTE: I was not paid by anybody to mention IKEA, Bed, Bath & Beyond, or toilet snakes.