This weekend

So, this weekend I am headed to a Celebrate Recovery Leader’s Retreat and Christian is headed to Austin for SXSW Interactive. This is the conference he attends every year and then tells me that he is never going to attend it again, because it is no help at all. But, then it’s free so he goes anyway.

My trip is really only overnight, so I will have time to be a little lonely on Sunday. Although I have some massive cleaning planned. I am OK with the CR retreat not being very long because I know it is mainly going to just generate massive guilt for me when they ask me to do more, when I know I am already maxed out. However, it is progress for me to be able to admit that I know this will happen and to know that I am maxed out.

We do have things going on over here with our family, but they aren’t the kind of things I can really blog about. Mixed audience and all that. I’ve sent an email to those of you who need one. Thanks for praying!